Another day at the gym…

Today was a good day.  I guess.  I felt pretty good getting to the gym today.  It was technically supposed to be my “rest” day, but I skipped yesterday.  Therefore, I chose to use today as a make-up day.  I wanted to go to the gym yesterday but I had so much tension in my upper back and neck- probably from getting only 3 hours a sleep- that I was to tired and sore to go.  I just made sure that no matter what, I went today. I did skip going to Open Gym to work on my tumbling and fitness routine. I didn’t want to over do it.  Plus, I did Bi’s and Tri’s today, so It’s better to play it safe this early in the game. No need to push the limit on my upper body, yet. Tomorrow is plyo. Last week I skipped Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s workout and by Monday my body could tell I had a three day rest. So that’s not gonna happen again.  Missing to many days at the gym is kind of like eating way to many coconut Jelly Bellies…the after affect is soooooooo not worth it and you vow to never eat coconut Jelly Bellies ever again (yes, I had a very bad experience with a BOWL of coconut Jelly Bellies in the 3rd grade. I haven’t eaten not one since. I can’t even look at them).

My goal to drink more water the rest of last week and this week isn’t going as well as I’d hoped.  But I’m still working on that.

So Far So Good…

This week so far has been on track for the most part.  I have done all my workouts this week (3 days left of the week).  My diet has been ok.  I still need to work on eating more throughout the day.  I had a sandwich tonight. I guess I should say late last night. It was a cheat but at least it wasn’t chocolate cake or doughnuts.  I actuall drank a whole 1/2 gallon of water today. That is a first.  I want to be able to drink a full gallon to 1 1/2 gallons a day.

The diet thing is so hard when there aren’t others around eating like me.  There are Oreos in my house!  Do you know how hard it is for me to not eat Oreos!? Luckily my family at least hides them so I can’t just get into them. Yes! It’s true! I have NO WILLPOWER.  But at least I can say that I haven’t had any fast food for several weeks now and no soda for a whole week. OMG I crave a Coke!

So today was my off day from a workout but I did do gymnastics today.  Thursdays is Open Gym so I will be practicing my tumbling skills and strength moves on my off day.  It is funny, I didn’t go to the gym today and my day felt kinda off.  I kept feeling like I needed to go to the gym.  I guess that’s a good thing.  Hopefully that means it will be easier to keep up with my workouts.  Tomorrow, I mean today, is plyometrics.

I’ve decided that at the end of the week, which is Sunday (I like my weeks to start on Monday and end on Sunday), I want to enter a short-term goal for the upcoming week.  Something that, as I reflect on the previous week, I feel I need to work on.  With that, my goal for the rest of this week is to drink a 1/2 gallon of water every day.  If I can get myself to drink a 1/2 gallon then I can start heading towards a whole gallon but I gotta start small. So we shall see how that goes in the next three days. And just to kick it off, I am going to drink 16 oz. before I hit the bed, which obviously needs to be now.

So goodnight…Sleep tight…Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

The Battle was on! Laziness vs. Workout

Workout WON!!!!!

So today was a lot harder than it was the rest of the week.  I got off to a late start and I almost didn’t get what I wanted to get done.  But I got up off my a** and did my cardio.  I took my dog for a 2-mile run.  Then we came home and did a circuit.  I was hitting it pretty hard so by 3/4 of the way in, I was done.  I was feeling pretty week so I finished out with stretching instead.  Worked on some strength moves today too.

The day started with me waking up around 10 am due to the fact that I again, couldn’t get to sleep last night. When I finally got up I made breakfast after I took my morning supps.  Breakfast consisted of 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg, and 1/2 cup brown rice mixed in (I went Pacific Island style-no spam though).  I added a tsp of sugarless jam for a little extra flavor, & fresh orange juice.

Lunch consisted of brown rice, chicken breast, and asparagus.  Lots of water. I did cheat today.  I had a slice and a half of cornbread with whipped butter.  I actually just picked over it. even though it looked good sitting on the stove, it wasn’t worth eating the whole thing.

Even though it was a tough day today, I was able to get my measurements done and body fat tested.  My BF% went down significantly since the very beginning. So that was encouraging. Now It won’t take as long to get to what I want. I also took some before pictures in my suit and heels.

Well, I am off to bed. I have clients tomorrow and I need to hit the grocery store, and HIT the GYM.  It’s legs and abs tomorrow.  I love training legs.

Starting All Over (almost)…

So I didn’t quite get to my goals last time I tried this. However, I did make progress last time. I lost a total of 15 lbs. But then I injured my knee and kinda got bumbed out and discouraged.  So I kept cheating and taking long breaks.  So I unfortunately began to gain weight back and fluctuating for the last few months.  I am still down from when I started but I should have reached and surpassed my goals by now.

With that, I am back and going H.A.A.M!I did back, shoulders,& abs today with 30 minutes of cardio and stretching. Tomorrow I am going to buying a 20 pack of 25 minute personal training sessions from the gym.  This way I can have a trainer to monitor my progress, take my measurements and keep me honest.  If I have someone I have to report to each week, I will be more inclined to do what I need to so I have good stuff to report.  Also, someone to make me practice my posing.

I am really going to make a go at this this time.  I had my workout this morning!  A little intense. But good for me.  I really pushed myself. I usually skip a few exercises but not today. I did them all! And I didn’t skimp on the cardio either. But of Course this is really just the first week.  It’s always “All Good” the first month or so. But Now I will have someone else holding me accountable.

I’ve got all my supplements and am ready to go.  I am going to start trying out some of these recipes for meal and snack options. But I’m a super picky eater with a sweet tooth the size of Texas twice over. Ugghhhh! I crave sugar.  And my best friend works at the Jelly Belly Factory so she gets free candy and gives it to me.  I’ll ask her to bring me something specific and I’ll get like five lbs of it and other stuff to boot.  I really have no will power so I’m going to have to limit her to what she can bring me. Actually, I’m just going to tell her not to bring me anything, even if I specifically ask. No matter how much I beg. Sugar was my down fall the last time I tried this so at least I know my weakness. That and not drinking enough water.

Hopefully this time I will be able to reach my goal.  I am giving myself more time to achieve my goal this time (24 weeks).  So I know I can reach my goal. I just have to stay motivated and consistent.

So here we go!

It’s so hard…Yet it’s easy

Okay. So I was complaining yesterday about how hard it is to stay motivated.  Well yesterday afternoon it got a little easier. I went shopping and bought a few new exercise tops and shorts. One of the tops and the shorts are a medium and fit me just right (I didn’t look like a stuffed sausage). I also bought a new pair of workout shoes.  I have come to realize that the more you work out, the faster you break down shoes and have to keep replacing them (duh!) I kept trying to work out in shoes that were no longer comfy.  So buying new workout gear made me motivated.  But I also had a friend be very motivating for me.  He is a fitness buff and my new workout partner, but had band rehearsal tonight so he was unable to work me out today but he gave me words of encouragement and motivation.  Plus I also had an BSN Endorush (I love that stuff).  So my pistons and brain were ready for a workout.  I did awesome today.  Not as well as I would have if he was there to push me to do that last rep but I was able to put him in my mind telling me to do another one (if that makes any sense).  I did legs, back and biceps today. Of course cardio and abs cause that’s everyday.  I did 4o minutes of cardio today. the gym was so jammed I had to do treadmill so I did my interval, which consists of 1 minute super power walk, and 1 minute mini sprint (just faster than a jog but not quite a full sprint.  My goal is to get to 1 minute jog and 1 minute sprint. But hey not bad for someone who hates to run and bee lines it for an elliptical.
My diet was better today, i sorta cheated a bit today. I went to Costco to get talapia, asparagus, and chicken.  Ended up getting a Costco hot dog.  I’ve been doing really good staying away from fast food but I couldn’t help myself.  I didn’t pile on the condiments like usual (not that it took away the fat in the hot dog itself) and the part I am most proud of (even my mother was amazed)… NO SODA! I know, it’s like WOW! “Hi my name is Tiaja, and I’m a soda-aholic.” I am very addicted to soda.  Especially Coca-cola Classic. But if that is not available, I will have what ever is available as long as its carbonated and sweet. Also I did good for dinner.  Baked Talapia, asparagus, no butter, only a pinch of sea salt, and few strawberries for dessert. I made extra talapia and asparagus for today, so I won’t feel the need to grab a quick bite of fast food, cause I have food already prepared. Now lets see if I can keep it up for the next 8 weeks.  Now that my parents are helping by not bringing food home that is high in fat and simple carbs (i.e. soda, chips, cheez-its, ugh and Oreo cookies) it will get easier.
So what really sunk in to my head today is (cause I had the knowledge already), that getting fit, healthy, prepared for a competition, whatever you may be trying to achieve, is hard and hard work. But it is made a lot easier when you have a support system.  Someone or some people who care about what your doing and interested in your goal, and want to help you achieve that goal even if it is a text of words of encouragement.  I am glad I now have that.  Maybe now I can do this!
Ordering my bikini today. Hopefully my co-worker will have time to do my measurements today.

It’s so hard…

The last week was my best week workout wise.  I had followed my workout schedule almost to a “T” (I skipped cardio two days…Thursday cause I needed a rest and Saturday because I had really painful gas (TMI)). But I worked out hard and didn’t miss any of my strength training days. But so far this week I am off to a bad start.  My week begins with Monday and I blew off my workout.  Its just sooooo hard to stay motivated.  In my defense (a.k.a. “lame excuse”) I was searching the internet and shopping for my bikini for the fitness round.  I may have to hold of on the bikini division the first competition cause the suits are so expensive, i don’t think I can afford it right now.  I also, finally, got around to cutting/editing my music for the fitness round. Now I just have to get my ass in gear and choreograph and work on strength moves.  I have a feeling this is going to be harder to choreography then a dance and ice skating routine (BTW: I used to be a dancer and competitive figure skater and coach). I always seem to choose the most difficult and expensive sports. Luckily I work at a gym so that gets me a free gym membership.  But that is also a pitfall for me.  By the time I am done working with my clients I haven’t the energy to do my workouts.  But I am on the verge of changing that.  I plan t0 rearrange my work schedule so that I can block off/schedule my work out time. Well that’s all for now.  Today is strength training and cardio so I’ll check back in and update how that went.

p.s. I had a dream last night I was eating the largest never ending plate of nachos.

Lets Go!

Welcome to my blog!  This blog is going to be about my new journey into the fitness and bikini competition world.  I plan to track my progress as I head down the road to my very first fitness competition at the end of April.  I am going to try to do this on my own.  I do not have the resources to hire trainers, choreographers, etc. But I do have motivation. So we shall see what happens as I begin my countdown to a new me and hopefully a new hobby.  8 1/2 weeks to Silver and Black!